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【カゲプロ】猫の日 By やないも
Permission was granted by the original artist to use this image.

and suddenly, cat ears


By やないも

Permission was granted by the original artist to use this image.

and suddenly, cat ears

ok if you are highly sensitive to setoXmarry you probably don’t want to read this

one day, seto is just laying in bed. he’s thinking a long ways back to ayanos death. and he smiles. he remembers finding a note that morning on the table. marry walks in, and is happy to see him smiling, she loves it when he does that. she walks over to him and sits next to him.

"marry, can I trust you to keep a promise?"

"sure, anything." she smiled, curious as to what he was going to say next.

"promise me that when I’m gone, you’ll keep smiling."

she is of course shocked by this. “I-i will. everyday, forever. you gave me a reason for me to smile.”

"if you ever can’t find the strength to smile just remember this: happiness is a curious thing. so I hope you can love tommorrow."

marry starts to well up with tears. seto’s eyes slowly start to close.

"please, not yet, there’s still so much I want to see with you."

he doesn’t answer. 78 years old, seto kousuke left this world, smiling.

marry was alone, all her friends were dead, this time she knew they were gone for good, no more dreams of meeting again. she cried. but she smiled. years later, she had seen so much of this beautiful world. and she found herself looking at a sunset, from the roof of apartment 107. and she whispered two simple words into the wind.

thank you

ok this is for all you shinkido fans

why have I not seen one of you with a short that has shintaro looking through kido’s Ipod and finding a lot of the music samples he’s made? like seriously you can’t deny it would be cool to find out someone you recently met has actually been sort of a fan for quite a while.


By くく
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

saw this and thought of gurren lagann. somebody caption this please.


By くく

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

saw this and thought of gurren lagann. somebody caption this please.

KiKi’s Theory: The reason why the Eyes lost their powers



We’ve all noticed that the gang’s powers loses its strength when something happens to them. So far we have Kido’s, who loses her powers when touched, and Kano’s, who loses his when he feels pain.

We all thought it was from their past trauma but that is unlikely anymore since Kido’s past is revealed. So why specifically physical contact and pain for the both of them?

Well I was thinking about that until I thought back to their wishes and thought about Shounen Brave when Seto’s Eyes turned back to his original colour. And here’s what I think.

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respect reblog, this is very well thought out and seems accurate to what little I know of all of this. it’s because of people like you that truly let people see the beauty of kagepro.














I thought about this and I don’t think it’s actually pain. his ability requires him to remember and think about what he’s projecting. so it’s more distraction rather than pain. course pain is a good distraction which will work most of the time. 

break his focus, break the illusion.


also this post could also explain why tsubomi would have a frilly skirt.

kousuke seto

the boy with ‘stealing eyes’ he can see into the minds of people with this. also allows him to read animal minds

we don’t know if seto has any family. he very well could have been an orphan long before kido and kano. because of this he’s very shy. being probably one of the smaller kids he was bullied frequently, his only friend in the world was a stray dog, and as dogs do it loved him unconditionally and seto loved it in return. course seto is not a dog therefore didn’t know what the dog thought or could understand it completely.

between this and his shy nature he wished there could be a way for him to befriend people without having to use words which he was not very good with.

one strormy day he was being bullied once more. but this time it wasn’t just him. his oppressors decided they would throw his only friend into a river. with the waters being irritated by the winds and rain this made it almost impossible for anything to swim properly in it. Kousuke did what a good friend would do and jumped in after his friend. course he’s no olympic swimmer so he ended up drowning as well. and when he awoke after escaping the haze he found himself able to hear the thoughts of people. he could hear others thought of hatred, anger, and fear.

he was eventually adopted by the tateyama family. along with his two new siblings tsubomi and shuuya, he was very scared and depressed because of his new power. their new big sister ayano encouraged them that these powers didn’t make them monsters, it meant they were special. seto seemed to like this for a time, but he could see that not everyone thought the same.

he could feel the anger and could see the evil in peoples hearts. kousuke saw who people were on the inside. and he hated them for it. this led him to run away, for a time he left behind any home or family he had. he felt the need to get away from everything. and then in his lost wandering he came to a cottage.

now this has technically happened before. he came to a house, he knocked on the door and could hear a lonely voice inside. someone who wanted to see what was out there in the world. so he entered and she told him that if he were too look in his eyes he would turn to stone. he could feel her fear. he knew what it felt like to be alone like this. to be a freak. he told the girl he was once afraid of turning to stone, and in that moment, he let go of his hatred, and remembered the words of his big sister ‘red is the color of heroes’. he left his hoodie, like leaving behind a fond memory for her to have in his place. and years later they met again and had adventures and fun together. the boy had grown into a kind man.

but this time was different. he heard a lonely voice, but she was scared. scared that this world she had dreamed of was torn apart. scared that she would be alone because if she were to meet her friends again they would be killed. the boy was scared, he saw himself in her mind. he had never met her before, never known her, but she knew him. he was so scared that he wanted to continue running.

he heard in his head, or was it hers? “do you lack the courage to change tommorrow?” he made his choice with all the strength he had. he opened the door, and looked the girl in her eyes. fighting the urge of tears welling up he told her that it was going to be fine, that they could change this future, and for her not to cry.

and on that day, a regular boy, found the true meaning of courage.

kousuke later became a rather tall and strong young man. he takes several different part-time jobs to make a living.

in the fandom he’s seen as a very hard-working individual with a heart for nature(blame his commercial for that). also rather responsible yet laid back. he is often shipped with marry due to the fact they are very close friends. I personally see their current relation as more big brother younger sister kind of relation. but yes I do agree with the ship.

all in all kousuke seto has to be one of the better characters because of how human he is. he knows exactly what it’s like to be scared, to hate someone, but also he has that empathy and caring nature. he knew how the story went and he grabbed courage by the reins and charged right into a brighter future in the face of destruction.

haruka kokonose(konoha)

the boy with ‘awakening eyes’

haruka was a boy just like any other oblivious airhead, save the fact he’s very fragile and stress could easily lead to his demise. but this didn’t bother him much. his best friend in the world was a grouchy and sleepy girl named takane enomoto. the two got along pretty well despite her grouchy nature. over time he developed an urge to try and be something more than what he was. he wanted to do things with his life and not be held back by his condition. so he got into art, he would draw, sometimes it’s landscapes others it’s people. and eventually he would get into fast paced shooter games. his username and character was named ‘konoha’ as a mix between syllables of his first and last name.

at one point him and takane were put through summer school for reasons. somewhere along the line there was an awkward moment for takane where he was standing around in his underwear because he fell in the school fountain, he either was playing it cool hoping she wouldn’t notice, or he legit didn’t think it was weird. not exactly plot important but it’s his life story. one day he had finished his studies, but stuck around since takane still had to do hers. due to her own condition she fell asleep. and by the time she woke up haruka had a sudden stroke. he was dead and cold by the time she even saw him.

after an unknown series of haze events he was given the ‘awakening eyes’ giving him the power he searched for. to be someone stronger.

although this came at the price of his memory. some say it’s what the eyes do, you wake up as someone else. others say it could be the work of the awakening snake, trying to control his new form.

konoha has little if any memory of his former self, but is able to do more. he has a taste for the unknown and generally thing new. he has immense physical strength as noted when he took on an entire terrorist group, alone, and unarmed. he also will eat you out of house and home so be careful when inviting him over. he plays baseball with the neighborhood kids also. so when it comes to who haruka wanted to be I think it definitely turned out well. he is close friends with shintaro and hibiya the latter of which he had to be tortured with watching for years of him and his other friend hiyori die repeatedly. and since hiyori died, he is clingy to hibiya, at least it seems that way since he started crying when momo took hibiya and ran in the manga.

Konoha also is seen to have a dark version: kuroha. kuroha is basically a psychopath with no visible goal other than to taunt marry and kill everyone else. possibly he is actually the snake of awakening eyes in konohas color changed body.

in the fandom people keep both characters true to who they are from what I see. haruka is primarily shipped with takane, and konoha seems split between shintaro and ene. 

honestly I feel this character(I count them both as the same) is a very interesting and inspiring character, a lot of people would like to change something about themselves or become someone else entirely. he’s very human and also his habits make thing very beautiful in ending song summertime record. you know what yeah haruka/konoha is my favorite kagerou character. he’s awesome, well designed, great personalities, and is both a primary protagonist character and also an antagonist for a while with kuroha. it’s a very diverse characters and is being used well.

what if

in the two years of shintaro being a shut-in, every time ayanos birthday comes around he would climb out his window and sit on the roof, and fold a paper crane, the year ene was there he would turn his computer off so she couldn’t see him do it, or he’d throw a sheet over the comp and then pretend to sleep.